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About the resort

The first human settlements in the valley of a small mountain river Nalchik are known since the Neolithic period (the IV millennium BC). People of the Copper-Stone Age managed to appreciate these fertile places. Covered by flowering meadows, the plateau lying in the horseshoe of the low spurs of the Wooded ridge (it is with the Kabardian name of the horseshoe the etymology of the name “Nalchik” is linked) was distinguished by a remarkably healthy climate.
Since 1743, on the site of the future city of Nalchik there existed a village Toglanov, where in the beginning of the XIX century there was the headquarters of Kuchuk Dzhankhotov, the ruler of Kabarda.
However, starting in 1818 to the construction of the Russian fortress in the Nalchik tract – the key link of the Kabarda cordon line – the governor of the Caucasus Aleksey Petrovich Ermolov was guided not by climatic advantages, but by considerations of military strategy: the strong fortress in the heart of Kabarda securely closed the entrance to the gorges. Over time, Nalchik lost its fortification significance and in 1871 it was transformed into a sloboda. In 1914 there were 7,589 people living here (including 240 Kabardians and 14 Balkars).
As a resort area with a comfortable mild climate and mineral springs, the city of Nalchik is known since the second half of the XIX century. The local population, Kabardians and Balkarians, already then used the Belorechensky thermal springs for the treatment of various diseases. The glory of curative mineral water gradually and quite deservedly grew. Private dachas began to appear in Dolinsk. Some of them were rented to those who wish to undergo treatment or just relax in a picturesque area with pure mountain air. Outstanding representatives of Russian art, famous writers and composers came here: M. A. Balakirev, A. S. Griboedov, V. A. Gilyarovsky, F.I. Shalyapin. Theater performers and masters of the Moscow Art Theater and the Maly Theater used to visit Nalchik: Nemirovich-Danchenko, Kachalov, Tarasova, Moskvin, Knipper-Chekhova, Klimov, Ryzhov, Massalitinova. The composers Shostakovich, Myaskovsky, the artist Grabar created here their works.

There are two mud reservoirs, the Palace of Curative Physical Education, water gallery for our guests.
Guests can make hiking tours to the Kizilovka mountain, where the terrainkur is organised.